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Simplest example of using postmessage to click a button with AutoitX?

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I am trying to find a simple starting point for using postmessage (in JScript but VBscript is ok), for example to click a button in windows Calculator.

Is this possible, can anyone provide an example?!




PS I think it will go like this, but when I try it I get 'Object doesn't support this property or method'.

var shell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.shell");

oAutoIt = new ActiveXObject("AutoItX3.Control");

shell.Run("calc.exe", 1);


$hwnd = oAutoIt.WinGetHandle("Calculator");

oAutoIt.DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SendMessage", "hwnd", $hwnd , "int" , 1075 , "int", 2400, "int", 0);

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