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Local Hotkeys even if Fullscreen RDP is active

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Hello all.

I'm trying to use a script which registers some F-keys to execute a mouseklick if the key is pressed:

Func RegisterHotkeys()
HotKeySet("{F5}", "ClickMuteMic") ; F5=Mute Mic
HotKeySet("{F6}", "ClickAnswerCall") ; F6=Answer/Hold Call
HotKeySet("{F7}", "ClickRedirectCall") ; F7=Redirect Call
HotKeySet("{F8}", "ClickHangupCall") ; F8=Hangup Call
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "ClickAnswerCall") ; Pause=Answer Call
HotKeySet("!{PAUSE}", "Terminate") ; ALT+Pause=End Script

This is done at the beginning of the script.

The script a an endless loop, so it will stay in the background, waiting for the keys to be pressed.

If the script is running and a RDP session is opened in fullscreen, the hotkeys are send to the remote machine and my srcipt does not react on the keypress.

How can it be achieved that the script is able to react on the hotkeys even if the RDP is in fullscreen?

I tried to re-register the hotkeys if the RDP window gets the focus, but it did not help.

Many thanks for any advice!


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Looks like a fullscreen RDP Window takes exclusive ownership of your mouse and keyboard input.

_WinAPI_SetParent doesnt work. Neither a low level proc.

Maybe try to set a resolution 1 step smaller than your desktop resolution, so you can operate in maximized (not fullsreen) mode, in which the hotkeys will work. Or use WinMove to emulate a maximised window.

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I think this is the case with most (all?) full screen applications. Is it simply not possible with Autoit to make hotkeys that work everywhere?

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