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I added tristate to the UDF TV Explorer, but is not working right, it does not select any subfolders ...

and i'm having trouble with some functions also as:



CheckChildItems() *I think the problem of the tristate is here*

CheckParents() *or here*

TV Explorer here:

and functions used to add a tristate came of this topic:

Video of the problem:


the result are atacched!

Can someone try to fix please?

thanks and sorry for my bad English!

TVExplorer Tristate.rar

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Nothing in your included .rar shows what problem you are having. How about a detailed description of the issue you are seeing, rather than a "here, fix it for me" request?

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My VLC player can't play this file (fourcc: MSS2).


Newer stumbled on unsupported format or error on files with him. Probably one of the best free players on the net.

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I guess the reason is that the sub-folder checkboxes do not exist until the parent is expanded the first time. On the first expansion you need to check the parents state and set it for the childs manually.

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