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using winactivate, how to cycle through multiple windows with same title?

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i have a simple test script as follows: (where two teraterm pro windows are open with the same title (connected to two different tcp ports))

$r1 = WinList("192")

if $r1[0][0] == 0 Then

MsgBox(64,"test", "teraterm pro is not open")


MsgBox(0,"test", "number of ttpro windows open: " & $r1[0][0] & " 1: " & $r1[1][0] & " 2: " & $r1[2][0])


while 1

For $i = 1 to $r1[0][0]


Send("#keepalive: " & $time & "{enter}")






This simple test is just to demonstrate that if there are two distinct copies of teraterm pro active, using this method of sending data to the who distinct consoles does not work since the titles of the two diff ttpro windows are the same. The keepalive message goes twice to the last active ttermpro window instead of one message to each running window. If the titles of the window were different this does in fact work and each window gets a keepalive message.

I have a situation where I must deal with a dozen ttermpro windows where most of the will have the same title, it would be inappropriate for me to be trying to change the window title. Does anyone have a solution where I can uniquely cycle through all the active windows?

Thanks in advance for any advise.


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