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I need some pointers (pun not intended)

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First, I haven't made any program using autoit library or began yet.

This is what I want to and I can use some help.

I would like to develop a library in addition to whats found in autoit.

I want to add some kind of pattern recognition to a bitmap on screen.

Capture a box (rect) on screen and optionally convert to black/white to reduce complexity and convert to vector graphics (or trace around image)

I found AutoTrace on google (opinions ?)

Then classify them into categories for the purpose of manual recognition, such that, say a size of pixel 30x30 or can be any, I would like to name it like ocr does with characters.

For example, shape circle --> circle

shape rectangle --> rectangle

shape wierd hand --> hand_1

and so on

My program would capture a host of boxes and save them into a directory - say I captured 1000 or so.

Then first pass program would group them into whats recognizable and I can edit them into groups manually.

This is where I need help with - for starters

1. Where can I find sample code using autoit library ? (preferably with vc++)

2. Library reference of autoit

Many thanks,

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