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Help... i need help :(

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Hello, im new to this autoit thing, but want to see what i can do with it as it seems like a cool program. so i downloaded AutoIt v3 and ya... thats as far as i made it. to be honest i read most of the wiki and help section, and i still dont even know how to start the thing ( aka WTF) . when i click on the file it opens up to run script(x64) run script(x86) compile script (x64) compile script(x86), if i open compile i need a source file (where do i get one of these) if i open the other it just leads to a dead end... so confused plz someone help me, i am willing to skype so u could just talk me thro it instead of write out the steps, or any other chat program u might use... just someoe plz help grrrrrr

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im i doing something wroung or just a retard

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First, Welcome to the Autoit forums!

Just as a general rule try not to double post as well

It's not really a program per say more like a language with great support and plenty of UDF's.

To start off you might want to come up with a problem and try to solve it. Are there any tasks or things you do that you wish you could just start an app and Boom it's done?

After you get a good project idea figure out how you would code the script to make it happen. Hint start simple, HelloWorld msgbox or even open notebook and plug in some text.

Then share your work and ask for advice or better/ faster / less resource intensive ways to do the same task.

Post your idea for a script / project here and I'll help to show you a starting point. Learning means doing it yourself by the way not being given the answers okay?

Good Luck man! :bye:

A true renaissance man

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msgbox(0, "", "don't touch the mouse or keyboard", 2)
$xymax= 2000;0..1999 is 2000
$xydatamax= 2;0..1 is 2
dim $xy[$xymax][$xydatamax]; this creates a 2 dimension array 0-1999 rows with 2 data members each
;loop fills the array with random values, your user could input them manualy too
for $i= 0 to $xymax-1
   $xy[$i][0]= random(200, @desktopwidth-200, 1);random x coord
   $xy[$i][1]= random(200, @desktopheight-200, 1);random y coord
;fun with paint
run("mspaint", "", @SW_showmaximized);open the paint
;winwaitactive("untitled - Paint");halt till paint active - I removed this in favor of sleep
sleep(800);sleep might be better language compatibly issues and all
mouseclick("left", @DesktopWidth/2, @DesktopHeight/2);force selection of newly opened program "paint"
send("^e");send resize surface command
;winwaitactive("Attributes");halt till resize canvas window open - removed in favor of sleep; seriously I never get sleep
sleep(800);wait till size window open
send(@desktopwidth&"{tab}"&@desktopheight&"{enter}");send new paint canvas size information to paint dialog
for $i= 0 to $xymax-1;this loop will draw lines to all the coords in $xy[][] array
   mousedown("left");we draw lines by holding down the left mouse button then moving the mouse
   mousemove($xy[$i][0], $xy[$i][1], 0);move mouse
   $cursor= mousegetpos();we wouldn't want to use $cursor undeclared
   while $cursor[0]<> $xy[$i][0] and $cursor[1]<> $xy[$i][1];halt while cursor moves (if not instant)
      $cursor= mousegetpos();get the mouse cursor position to test if it's reached it's destination xandy coord
mouseup("left");let the mouse button go1280 1024
;pretty cool enjoy

You said you needed a source file? This script will open paint and draw lines. Only tested on XP. Let me know how it works out.

Oh yah, I need help too. :)

Edited by Xandy

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