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Stringsplit to 2D array

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Hi guys

Im wondering if anyone can help me with StringSplit() and passing the results into a 2D array

I have a CSV log file i need to process

i use _filereadtoarray to read the file what i then wanted to to was step through the array and use stringsplit to make up a 2D array to then sort and search the log file.

#include <Constants.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

#include <file.au3>

Local $inputArray

If Not _FileReadToArray(@ScriptDir & "\expired.exp",$inputArray) Then

MsgBox(4096, "Error", " Error reading log to Array error:" & @error)



Local $mainArray[$inputArray[0]][12]

For $i = 1 TO 15 step 1

$mainArray[$i] = StringSplit($inputArray[$i],",")



When I run the above code i get the follwoing error

"check.au3 (18) : ==> Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.:"

I have also tried to set the array size manually to 2000 ranther than the size of $inputarray[0] incase the issue was related to creating the array size on the fly

im sure im missing something very simple but a pair of fresh eyes to nudge me in the right direction is always helpful



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you could try something like this. (not tested!)

#region ;************ Includes ************
#endregion ;************ Includes ************
; _csvTo2DArray

Local $re = _csvTo2DArray("c:BI-Repository.csv", ';')

Func _csvTo2DArray($file, $delim = ',')
Local $content = FileRead($file)
Local $rows_A = StringSplit(StringStripCR($content), @LF, 2)
StringReplace($rows_A[0], $delim, $delim)
Local $countColumns = @extended
Local $columns_A = 0

Local $2D_A[UBound($rows_A)][$countColumns + 1]

For $z = 0 To UBound($rows_A) - 1
$columns_A = StringSplit($rows_A[$z], $delim, 2)
For $y = 0 To UBound($columns_A) - 1
$2D_A[$z][$y] = $columns_A[$y]
Return $2D_A
EndFunc ;==>_csvTo2DArray
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You could just read the file and use one of the UDF functions in example scripts to read your csv string.

or you could also try

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