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Well, Can you use WinExists for checking a process if it's alive?

If WinExists("", _ProcessGetName($PiD)) Then Exit

If the name of $PiD doesn't exists the the script will exit. Lol? Why?

(I mean it works, but why? The script shouldn't exit since I'm not checking the process, just a simple text)

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Hmm i'm re-editing my post.

you're matching the title of the window, and if it matches you're telling it to Exit.

if you dont want it to exit the script, don't use exit.

not sure if that helps.

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Well, I know, I just would like to know why it happens. Yes, you're right I can simply not use the command.

As I said before:

WinExists("", _ProcessGetName($PiD))

is the same as


or, maybe reversed, I'm not sure yet, just testing the command :D

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WinExist will not work with a Process, maybe the process youare dealing with has the process name somewhere as a hidden text

With Notepad it doesnt work

ProcessExists will work with PID also

and by the way

I don't how its working,

in My Comp Its not


#include <Process.au3>
Local $PiD=Run('notepad.exe')
ConsoleWrite(WinExists("", _ProcessGetName($PiD))&@CR)

One more thing

#include <Process.au3>
;_ProcessGetName($PiD) Not required in the previous line

;This would do the same work


Phoenix XL

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