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Use AutoItx to make custom compiler?

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Okay, first I need to say, this topic has nothing to do with reverse engineering, it is simply an idea to add additional execution features and parameters, as well as remove the false positive sometimes associated with autoit exes.

So, my first question is to see if my idea is possible, so, would it be possible to write, say a C++(or other language) source code, which would use AutoItX stored in binary, to exectue an A3X(or maybe even custom format script file), also stored in memory?

This way if there was a problem with any false positives, it would be removed, as the exe would not directly contain the autoit stub binary code(it could even be encrypted inside the exe to change it's signature). [this way each exe would have a unique binary code, and therefore a unique signature]

[This would basically eliminate the false positive problem, and could also open the door for better compression methods on "compiled" scripts, by using compression plugins on the autoitx binary code]

I hope I have expressed my idea properly, and if any part of this post crosses the line in terms of breaking rules, please just tell me, and I will take out those part/or those parts.

(I am not suggesting using autoit for anything illegal, or to break any of the TOS[as far as I read], I am simply suggesting using autoitx, to interpret whole script files, rather than just for individual commands)

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AutoItx3 is just a library of Some AutoIt3 functions implemented in C++, as far as I am aware

it could not possibly interpret an AutoIt3 script.

I believe AutoIt3 will be generating unique signatures in it's next release proper, that is if I

have interpreted what I have read from the Developers correctly. Which could mean an end

to false positives.

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