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I'm going to be getting text from a web server, and i'll receive something like: <font color="green">Username:</font> string for message

Anyway, i wanna i wanna string replace the font tags, and make the actual text "Username" green when its displayed, but idk how to change colors.

It will also be in an edit box "GuiCtrlCreateEdit"

Can someone tell me how to make certain text green?

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you could either create an array with the hex color and assign the word to a number


Dim $color_array[3]

$color_array[0] = 0x00FF00

$color_array[1] = 0x0000FF

$color_array[2] = 0xFF0000


a better way to write the array:

Local $color_array[3] = [0x00FF00,0x0000FF,0xFF0000]

*end edit*

then get your text from the web page and search for the color

if $color = "green" then

$i = 0

elseif $color = "blue" then

$i = 1

elseif $color = "red" then

$i = 2


then you can use

GUICtrlSetColor($Handle_to_Text, $color_array[$i])

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Here you go :

#include <Array.au3>

ConsoleWrite("red: " & _HTMLColorToHex("red") & @CRLF) ;decimal
ConsoleWrite("red: 0x" & Hex(_HTMLColorToHex("red"), 6) & @CRLF) ;hex

;the hex color written in the array is converted to decimal

Func _HTMLColorToHex($sHTMLColorToHex_HTMLColor)
Local $aHTMLColorToHex_Color[3][2] = [ _ ;Don't forget to edit the size of the array
[0xFF0000, "red"], _
[0xFFFFFF, "white"], _
[0x000000, "black"]] ;and so on

Local $iHTMLColorToHex_ColorIndex = _ArraySearch($aHTMLColorToHex_Color, $sHTMLColorToHex_HTMLColor, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1)

If $iHTMLColorToHex_ColorIndex <> -1 Then
Return $aHTMLColorToHex_Color[$iHTMLColorToHex_ColorIndex][0]
Return -1
EndFunc   ;==>_HTMLColorToHex

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Can someone tell me how to make certain text green?

Just making certain text of specific color is not possible in Edit controls

U should use RichEdit controls

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