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Couple of questions about the FreeImage library.

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Hello! So i have made an app that converts multiple images to a different type, colour and size using the library but have run into a couple of issues.

So here is an example of the code I use to convert my images.


For $I = 1 To $Example[0]
_ProcessImage($ExampleInput[$I], $ExampleOutput)

Func _ProcessImage($Input, $Output)

$sFile = $Input
$iTWidth = 600
$iTHeight = 800

$FIF = _FreeImage_GetFileTypeU($sFile)
$FIF = _FreeImage_GetFIFFromFilenameU($sFile)
$hImage = _FreeImage_LoadU($FIF, $sFile)

$oWidth = _FreeImage_GetWidth($hImage)
$oHeight = _FreeImage_GetHeight($hImage)

$Ratio = $oWidth / $oHeight
If $Ratio > 1 Then
$hImage = _FreeImage_RotateClassic($hImage, 90)

$hImage = _FreeImage_Rescale($hImage, $iTWidth, $iTHeight, $FILTER_BILINEAR)
$hImage = _FreeImage_ConvertToGreyscale($hImage)

_FreeImage_SaveU($FIF_PNG, $hImage, $Output, $PNG_Z_BEST_COMPRESSION)



Okay so this actually works quite nicely and does exactly what i want it to but with 2 problems.

1) FreeImage doesn't seem to dump the image from memory after each iteration resulting in huge RAM consumption (i usually convert about 400-600 images at a time)

2) The filesize of the output files is usually bigger than the inputs despite being converted to grey-scale and scaled down in size. I would also like to somehow make the images crisper.

If anyone can shed some light on this for me i would be appreciative :)

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