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Need "Script is 'Running'" Removed

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Please excuse my inexperience. I just installed autoit and am running a script my friend gave to me. The problem I am having is that in the top left corner of my screen is a small white block of text that says Script is "Running". When I open a a game that is running in a small fullscreen resolution the white block of text flickers within the game and slows down my frame rate a lot. Is there any way to remove this notification that ths script is active?

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from my perspective it looks like more of something that Autoit does as opposed to the script , i may be wrong , please let me know


Global $Paused

HotKeySet("{HOME}", "TogglePause")


$runs = 0

While 1

WinActivate("Diablo III")


HotKeySet("{|}", "EquipSwitcher")



Func EquipSwitcher()

$MousePos = MouseGetPos()


MouseClick ( "right", 674, 488, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 680, 530, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 680, 573, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 680, 604, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 711, 591, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 712, 520, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 716, 447, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 747, 448, 1, 1)

MouseClick ( "right", 745, 514, 1, 1)


MouseMove ( $MousePos[0], $MousePos[1] ,3 )


Func TogglePause()

$Paused = Not $Paused

While $Paused


ToolTip('Script is "Running"', 0, 0)



EndFunc ;==>TogglePause

Func terminate()

Local $pos = MouseGetPos()

MsgBox(0, "Mouse x,y:", $pos[0] & "," & $pos[1] & "Runs " & $runs)

Exit 0


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