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Unable to recognize the GUI objects of the application designed in Java AWT

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I am new to GUI Automation, Trying to automate the desktop application built in Java AWT.

Fist I would like to give the brief overview of this desktop application which I am trying to automate,

this application is based on pure java and AWT package Its GUI is built using the Images , OnImageClick events are used in the application.

We have tried Marathon, Skulli and AutiIT but this tool are not able to locate the GUI objects of our application.

We came across the Wrapper for AutoIT i.e. JAVA UDF (Java Access Bridge), but this tool is not able to locate our application objects.

Kindly suggest if there any better tool available to automate the Java AWT application who’s GUI is build using Images or Is there any wrapper Available for AutoIT which can locate the objects used in our application.



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Hi experts,

Any help on this. I also tried with Java Access Bridge but seems like it is not able to read control IDs from Java AWT application.



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