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Obtain hardisk file info

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Have a request. I'm interested to obtain 'detailed info' from a file on my hard disk

This strange request, because i found a software protection that use this method to prevent program activation.

Find idea very tricky so, i want to implement in my software, a protection like this.

Want to give a file as key activation (file A), then run script that generate an encrypted validation file (file B ),

based on file A hardisk 'position'

My script check every time (file A) position on harddisk, if doesn't match with encrypted info on file B, quit.

(in this way file A can't be moved, copied, delete, etc)

Any idea how obtain info about file position on partition ?

Thank you for any info,


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I could be wrong here, but I think I read that data is not in one static place on a hdd

for example your OS might move it during a defrag or other maintenance operation.

Your approach may be futile.

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not so futile if a key information is on cd,

So improve request, anyone know :

- how to obtain info about retail cd TOC ?

think about:

- Insert phisical key CD (that must keep secret)

- obtain info about TOC (and all other possibile info)

- obtain MAC address + IP address, and use to encrypt these info on key file.

so if you copy key file on other machine

- script try to obtain valid values from key file

- if fails you are on other machine and asking you to verify activation with secret phisical CD. (only first time)

- AI script writes a new key file to your hardisk based on new matching info

I know that replicate MAC adress is an easy task, but on same LAN you can't have same IP address.

If you keep secret on CD key (can be a custom cd or last lady Gaga one) can automate activation

procedure and create robust validation procedure.

what you think ?


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Try to implement CD ID freedb algorithm using C source find here:


but it's out of my skill.

Anyone want try to give Autoit community a tool like this ?


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