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rename files

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I have a hugh need to rename files. There would be 3 specific files in a given folder to be renamed. Here is what I got to work the way I need:

; orginal name: AR123 Smith, Bob v1 - Full mix.wav

; renamed file: AR123 Smith, Bob Full Mix v1.wav

$original_name = "D:\Promos\AR123 Smith, Bob v1 - FULL MIX.jpg"

$text = StringReplace("AR123 Smith, Bob v1 - FULL MIX.jpg"," - FULL MIX","");AR123 Smith, Bob v1

$new_file_name = StringReplace("AR123 Smith, Bob v1"," v1", " FULL MIX v1.jpg") ;AR123 Smith, Bob FULL MIX v1

$new_filename_path = "D:\Promos\"

FileCopy ($original_name, $new_filename_path & $new_file_name)

; then I would delete the original file

my problem is getting started.

1. Can I select the 3 files and run a script on the selection?

2. Do I run a script that looks at the contents of every open folder, and search for files with the name FULL MIX, SOT MIX, M&E MIX and then use my code above to rename the 3 files?

I cant figure out how to make the script look into a folder and find the files that need changing.

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First you need to determine a generic part of a file name which identifies files which need


Only you can do that unless you post a full list of files.

Next you should turn your code above into a function, so you can pass all file names to the same function.

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