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How to check if context menu command is greyed out

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G'day everyone

I need a script to determine which action to take, based on whether a context menu item is greyed out. Specifically, the context menu contains a command called "Open file" (shortcut key O), and if the command "Open file" is greyed out, the script should exit. At no time will the script actually attempt to select "Open file" (because selecting it will result in an action which I do not want). Does anyone know how this can be done?



PS. By "context menu" I mean that right-click menu that pops up when you press the "Menu" key (in the AutoIt helpfile called the "Windows App key".

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This shows an example with Notepad

#include <GuiMenu.au3>


Func _Main()
Local $hWnd, $hMain, $hEdit

; Open Notepad
$hWnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Notepad]")
$hMain = _GUICtrlMenu_GetMenu($hWnd)
$hEdit = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemSubMenu($hMain, 1)
$sCut = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemText($hEdit, 2)
; Get Open item state
If _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemState($hEdit, 2) = 12 Then ConsoleWrite($sCut & ' --> Disabled' & @CR)
EndFunc   ;==>_Main
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