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IM A NOOB! How to automate or perform a function while on a webpage

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Hello Im a noob to coding,

I wanted to know how to visit a website or perform function while on a webpage.

For example,

Heres my script:

run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe")

ShellExecute "www.gmail.com"

When I run the .au3 file, it opens up firefox and goes to gmail.

NOW while I am using firefox (opened by the above .au3 script), and say I decided to go to "yahoo.com" how do I automate it to AUTOMATICALLY search "news" or "stocks" or anything I want only WHEN it visits yahoo.com.


say I visit "www.1saleaday.com", how do it automate it to automatically open "www.slickdeals.com" in another tab, ONLY when I visit "www.1saleaday.com"?


What if I wanted it to open in another window exept a tab? how would I code that?

Im trying to create my own shortcut to firefox using my .au3 script, and to always use it to use firefox. I have alot of sites that I normally check when I log onto my PC and wanted to create a faster way to access ALL of the webpages I visit

Also I already download ff.au3 and other requried files


Please help, I am even also willing do donate!

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There is a UDF for firefox

A UDF is a library of ready made functions for you to use in your code.

My advice:

1) Learn how to script basic things before you take on such a project.

2) Read the forum rules before anything else.

I'm sure donations are welcome, but they will not buy you a coder to script for you.

Good luck.

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