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{HELP} saving strings in list boxes to a .log to be later used

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Hi everyone.. not quite sure how to get a list box to save its strings into a single .log or .txt file (either would work for me), and then later call each individual string..

the list box has up to 30 items in it, the user will be able to deselect certain items, or select items... i just need a way to save each string into an external file so i can later call them back as variables and display them into a disabled list box.. if anyone could help that would be extremely appreciated. reply if my objective is confusing.


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$functionWrite = FileReadLine("C:IanLogTestfunctionLog.log")
Switch $functionWrite
Case "0"
$FunctionWrite = ""
Case Else
$functionWrite = FileReadLine("C:IanLogTestfunctionLog.log", 4)
$functionWrite = _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString($functionsList, $functionWrite)

... say if there are 20 lines in the .log.... my best bet would be to use a For...Next. within the Case Else... yes or no?

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