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How to see mouse pos in full window

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Hell guys i have rly simple problem but i am newbie in autoit. I want to somehow speed up getting mouse positions when mouse is in full window, when i use msgbox the application thats fullscreen minimezes itself but when i use tooltip i can't rly see it. Any idea if its possible to press hotkey and mousepos would appear in some kind of box, without the need for the application to minimize ?

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

;;;; Body of program would go here ;;;;
While 1

Func Terminate()
sleep ( 200 )
$x = MouseGetPos(0)
$y = MouseGetPos(1)
;;MsgBox ( 0, "MSG", "MousePos: "& $x &", " & $y)
tooltip ( "MousePos: "& $x &", " & $y )
EndFunc ;==>Terminate

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