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Need explanation with Controls, Instance etc...

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I don't know why I'm not able to use control id correctly. (class, instance ...)

for instance this works:

ControlSetText("[CLASS:Notepad]", "", "Edit1", "test")

but this not :

run("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")
ControlSetText("[CLASS:IEFrame]", "", "ToolbarWindow322", "test")


this is what Window Info Tool gave to me:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: La Configuration de sécurité renforcée d'Internet Explorer est activée - Windows Internet Explorer

Class: IEFrame

Position: -4, -4

Size: 1208, 878

Style: 0x17CF0000

ExStyle: 0x00000100

Handle: 0x000502F4

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: ToolbarWindow32

Instance: 2

ClassnameNN: ToolbarWindow322


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:2]


Text: test

Position: 80, 5

Size: 762, 22

ControlClick Coords: 441, 13

Style: 0x5600B94D

ExStyle: 0x00000080

Handle: 0x000302F6




please help


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ControlSetText("[CLASS:IEFrame]", "", "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:2]", "test")

This not working

Now I don't know why but the info shown by the info window tool are not good, I used autohotkey to get the info and it showed me that the ClassNN is not ToolbarWindow322 but Edit1.

Using Edit1 the text is sent (even if we can't see it's sent)


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Well blow me down, you're only right.

EDIT: Is the tool you used available a separate download from AHK?

EDIT2: Never mind, seems to get all the correct info.

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