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Function works in one script but not another

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I am going to try not to post my code. I am not the most creative programmer and dont want to embarrass myself. (Although this might be the problem to begin with)

But I am trying to use

DriveMapAdd("Q:", "\\xxxx\xxx\xxxx")

in my code, and it does not work at all.

But if I make a new script, and use the exact same line it works perfectly. Ive tried with several different methods, including using the net use Q: command with @ComSpec, with different arguments, and every place I can think of. I even placed it right after the Func OnYes(). The drive does exist, as it works if I run the same line of code as a new script.

This would tell me my code is doing something funky. So if I need to post it I can, I wil just need to try to clean everything up a bit

As always, sorry for my dumb questions, but everyone here is so helpful!

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