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Checkboxes From An .ini File

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Trying to figure out the best way to automatically create checkboxes in a gui from a .ini file. I have looked at ListView but can't seem to get it to populate correctly. Here is the code that is reading the file

global $var = IniReadSection("C:\config.ini","install")
If @error Then
MsgBox(4096, "", "Error occurred, probably no INI file.")
For $i = 1 To $var[0][0]
If($var[$i][1] = 1) Then
MsgBox(4096,"",$var[$i][0] & @CRLF,3)

It will grab each item in the ini and display the appropriate item in a msgbox any help would be greatly appreciated

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Global $var = IniReadSection(@ScriptDir & '\Configuration.ini', "install")
If @error Then
MsgBox(4096, "", "Error occurred, probably no INI file.")
If UBound($var) < 2 Then Exit -1
; For $i = 1 To $var[0][0]
;If ($var[$i][1] = 1) Then
; MsgBox(4096, "", $var[$i][0] & ' = ' & $var[$i][1])
; Next

;Lets Create the GUI

GUICreate(@ScriptName & ' | Phoenix XL')
Local $sParam
For $i = 2 To $var[0][0]
$sParam &= $var[$i][1] & ','
;Trim the Last Comma and Add Parenthesis
$sParam = '(' & StringTrimRight($sParam, 1) & ')'
;Lets Create the Element
Execute('GUICtrlCreate' & $var[1][1] & $sParam)
;Call is more appropriate but requires more code ;)

While GUIGetMsg() <> -3

El= CheckBox
Txt = "This is an Example"
1 =10
2 = 10

Thumbs up if it helped ;)

My code:

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