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Script always returns a 0 value

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Hello fellow members,

Today I finally took the time to get into memory reading using AutoIT, but for some reason I keep getting a 0 value as result.

Since I thought I probably did something wrong I decided to watch a tutorial and did exactly what the guy in the video did, but I kept getting the 0 value.

I'm actually starting to believe that it's OS related, since I use windows 8.

This is the script I tried:

#include <NomadMemory.au3> ;because you need this for _memread functions

$Address = 0x00690380
Dim $Offset[2] = [0, 0x0]

while 1
$Process = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists('Tutorial-i386.exe'))
If Not @error Then
$Value = _MemoryPointerRead($Address, $Process, $Offset)
If Not @error Then ToolTip($Value[1],0,0)



If anyone experienced the same issue and found a fix for this I would really appreciate if you could share it :D

Thanks in advance,


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I have never used this udf but the following seems pertinent.

I don't see any verification that

will return a pid and how do you know that
$Address = 0x00690380
is within this address space, assuming that it exists?


edit: spelling

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