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How to pass @SW_MINIMIZE to Run() in PHP

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$shell=new COM("AutoItX3.Control");

$shell->Run($exe,$workingdir,'@SW_MINIMIZE'); // didn't work?

How to pass pre-defined constant @SW_MINIMIZE to Run() with PHP COM interface, called in PHP CLI?

The doc said: show_flag [optional] The "show" flag of the executed program:

@SW_HIDE = Hidden window (or Default keyword)

@SW_MINIMIZE = Minimized window

@SW_MAXIMIZE = Maximized window

Does it mean omit the third argument or default is @SW_HIDE? What is SW_HIDE mean here? Actually, I want the called exe (a command line program) didn't pop-up the command line window, but run minimized quitely. I tried didn't give the show_flag at all, it just opened the command line window in the middle of the screen on top of all other windows.

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