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PixelChecksum, explain it to a dummie?

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So if I got PixelChecksum correctly, it can check a square of pixels on a window. Can I somehow use this to invoke a forced continuation of the script?

An example:

I have one window where the pixels will be the same for an unknown period of time, and suddenly changes.

Instead of using Sleep(x) I want the script to recognize when the pixels in the window has changed, and then continue executing. Is this possible with PixelChecksum?

Also is it possible with any kind of reliable way to get the ControlHandle of a Window and store it as a variable? I can only get it through the AutoIt Window Spy.


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1: Check Pixels in a conditional loop.

2: WingetHandle, WinActivate, ...

1: Success: Returns the checksum value of the region. Failure: Returns 0.

Returning the checksum. I want the script to do this.

$checksum = PixelChecksum(blahblah)

if $checksum = Whatever it returns

then continue

if not keep waiting for it to change

Something like that :P

2: WinGetHandle requires me to use the title, there is no title of the window I'm trying to get the handle of. And when there is a title it is changing every time I open the application again.

Edit: I guess I could use $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]")? Allthough it would force me to make my script look uglier than it already is, but I guess I have no choice :D

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