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Visible TrayTip failing

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I have a TrayTip I wait for in my Do Loop, I can see it with my own eyes AND AU3 Info is reporting back to me a handle and a title for the TrayTip....

But - no matter what method I try doing to see if that traytip exists, NOTHING works.

Here's some failed attempts:

$text = 1

If WinExists("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]", "") Then

Until $text = 10

$text = WinExists("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]", "")
MsgBox(0, "", $text)
Until $text = 1

$text = WinExists("Link Check completed.")
MsgBox(0,"", $text)
Until $text <> 0

Now, when I look at the TrayTip, visual title is "Link Checker", and the text is "Link Check Completed" -- but I'm just using what AU3 Info gives me and IT WON'T WORK!!

Here's the Info:

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:    Link Check completed.
Class:    tooltips_class32
Position:    1245, 807
Size:    170, 74
Style:    0x940006C3
ExStyle:    0x00080088
Handle:    0x00010068

Hopefully someone has an idea what's going on :/. Thanks!

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