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AutoItObject array property

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I'm trying to contain these arrays as properties within the object.

I'm not sure how to create an array property with AutoItObject.

and I have no idea how to access the elements of the array property.

This example isn't meant to run.

func tilewindowobject(byref $sourcetile, $sourcetiles, $w, $h, byref $_tilepagerect, byref $_tilepagerects, byref $tileperpage, $iStartup = False)
    local $oObj = _AutoItObject_Create()
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "win", $ELSCOPE_Public, windowobject())
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "page", $ELSCOPE_Public, 0)
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "update", $ELSCOPE_Public, 0)
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "tiles", $ELSCOPE_Public, $sourcetiles)
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "tilecur", $ELSCOPE_Public, 0)
    ; =====================================================================; create array property ?
    local $arect[$tileperpagemax];200 random size tiles per page
    $arect[0]= rectobject(100, 200, 300, 400); some values x, y, w, h
    for $i= 1 to $tileperpagemax-1
        $arect[$i]= _AutoItObject_Create($arect[0])
    _AutoItObject_AddProperty($oObj, "tilerect", $ELSCOPE_Public, $arect)
    ; =====================================================================
    _AutoItObject_AddMethod($oObj, "make", "tilewindowo_make")
    _AutoItObject_AddMethod($oObj, "drawtiles", "tilewindowo_drawtiles")
    _AutoItObject_AddMethod($oObj, "listen", "tilewindowo_listen")
    _AutoItObject_AddMethod($oObj, "calctiles", "tilewindowo_calctiles")
    $oObj.make($sourcetile, $w, $h, $_tilepagerect, $_tilepagerects, $tileperpage)
    if $iStartup then $oObj.Startup
return $oObj

$tilewindow= $tilewindowobject($tile, $tiles, 200, 200, $tilepagerect, $tilepagerects, $tileperpage);No error
consolewrite("test element member "&$oObj.tilerect[0].x);syntax error

Can anyone show me the syntax for AutoItObject array properties?

Just a array property create phase and query or assignment

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Newer versions of AutoIt allow for syntax like that. Eh, I'm really sorry that I can't do anything to make it available to you.

Try using temporary variable to save the object from the array to and dot-access that.




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