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Windows 8

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Dear all

I'm curious as to whether this language will work just as well on Windows 8, or whether there will be functions that will no longer be compatible, I only ask as I am considering upgrading from windows 7 --> windows 8

Thanks for your time.

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I've had mixed results.

I use several/many scripts to automate installs and maintenance.

Most work but I have to visit a few to find why they are now failing. :(

So it's a mixed bag... For me!

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@storme, are there any specifics you've been having trouble with, as in specific commands, and have you been able to rectify the problems

Sorry to pry

No Problem prying... if I had a solid answer I'd have given it. :)

It's a matter of time. I've only seen 3 Win8 Machines so far so it's not high on the priority list and the faults only occur on Win8 Machines.

Also customers don't look at it too well if I'm sitting there debugging scripts when they are paying. :)

I use ???_Start.exe (??? = Program name) AutoIt scripts that will install the program, initialise it, etc.

These scripts are just placed in the same directory as the program and give me easy automation of the program.

I tie many of these together to do a machine "setup" (Which is why I'm not sure which and where they are failing).


One of these scripts can't even find the program that is sitting right beside it where on an XP, Vista, 7 computer it is fine...:

As soon as I can get some time and a machine in the office I’m going to test each of them individually and see if I can work out the kinks.

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