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Need help with events

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Hi everyone,

I created a au3 with ~30 Buttons, ~30 Labels and ~30 Inputs.

For each button i created an Event.

So far it works fine...

If I click button1, the script starts a function which get´s the value of input1 and fills all other input fields with values, tries to connect to other pc´s, changes names of buttons depending on online or offline pc´s and so on...

This works also fine...

But if I want to click for example button2 while func button1 is running, it only starts the func button2 AFTER func button1 is done...

Is there any way to change this ?

Many thanks for your help!

Here are some parts of my script:

GUICreate('Tool v' & FileGetVersion(@ScriptName),470,705)

$Button_GetData=GUICtrlCreateButton('Get Data',10,10,100)

$Button_ExternalIP=GUICtrlCreateButton('Externe IP',10,40,100)

Func Button_GetData()
   $ip='10.' & StringLeft(GUICtrlRead($Data_GetData),2) & '.' & StringRight(GUICtrlRead($Data_GetData),2) & '.'
    GUICtrlSetData($Data_ExternalIP,$ip & '51')
    If Ping($ip & '1',1000) Then

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The Ping function takes time and since Autoit is single-threaded it gets stucked at the command

To make it Asynchronous command line(external execution) would be required

Manadar has implemented such a wrapper check it out

Something similar Trancexx has even done

Regards :)

Edited by PhoenixXL

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