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String in String (number)

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I want to check if there are numbers 2x (or 3x) in a variable, for example for

$var = 47253

it should return false or 0. For

$var = 47252 or $var = 47242

it should return true or 1. And for

$var = 47222

it should return false or 0

If that's not possible, I want to check for the number of strings in a function, for example if i have

$var = 58355

I want to check for 5 in this variable, and it should return 3. For

$var = 73642

Check for 7 it should return 1

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Why return 0 for $var = 47222 when the condition is 2 or 3 times the same number?

Anyway what have you tried ?

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Not able to verify the condition of the First part

Here is the Example for the second part

Func _Occurance($String, $SubString)
StringRegExpReplace($String, StringRegExpReplace($SubString, "(\W)", "[\1]"), "")
Return @extended
EndFunc   ;==>_Occurance

MsgBox(0, "Return:", _Occurance(58355, 5))
MsgBox(0, "Return:", _Occurance(73642, 7))

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