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random phrase generator


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Here we go

Func RandomPhrase_From_KeyValue( $sIniFile )
;Read the Section Names
Local $asSection = IniReadSectionNames( $sIniFile )
If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, -1 )
;Choose a Random Section Name
$asSection = $asSection[ _Random ( 1, $asSection[0] ) ]

;Now read the section
Local $asRet = IniReadSection( $sIniFile, $asSection )
If @error Then Return SetError(2, @error, -1 )
;Return a random value
Return $asRet[ _Random( 1, $asRet[0][0] ) ][1]

;This function returns the Max Value when the Min value is equal to it,
;By native function it returns zero which causes problem
Func _Random( $iMin, $iMax )
If $iMin = $iMax Then Return $iMax
Return Random( $iMin, $iMax, 1 )

;Our Test
Local $Phrase = RandomPhrase_From_KeyValue( "Test.ini" ) ;INI in ScriptDir
If @error Then Exit MsgBox( 16, "Error", "Code: " & @error ) <> -1
;Ask if you have any questions
MsgBox( 64, "Phrase", $Phrase )

#cs The INI file - Test.ini
1 = hello
2 = nice
3 = yes
xx = nothing
qwerty = keyboard
1_Phrase = Something
2_Phrase = Xcellence
First = Good
Second = Better
Third = Best

Ask for you have any queries

Regards :)

Edited by PhoenixXL

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I think the OP want a phrase consisting of a beginning, a middle and an end with each part containing a random selection appropriate to it's position in the phrase. There is a name for these kinds of things but it escapes me at the moment.


This might be a start

#include <Constants.au3>
#include <array.au3>

; create test INI file

FileDelete(@ScriptDir & '\phrase.ini')

Local $str
$str &= '00=The cow' & @LF
$str &= '01=I' & @LF
$str &= '02=He' & @LF
$str &= '03=She' & @LF
$str &= '04=They' & @LF
$str &= '05=All the girls' & @LF
$str &= '06=Most of the fish' & @LF
$str &= '07=A priest, a lawyer and a doctor' & @LF
$str &= '08=Some days' & @LF
$str &= '09=Sometimes' & @LF
$str &= '10=Whenever I' & @LF
$str &= '11=Whenever you' & @LF
$str &= '12=Whenever they' & @LF
IniWriteSection(@ScriptDir & '\phrase.ini', "Start", $str)
$str = ''
$str &= '01=were walking' & @LF
$str &= '02=sat on' & @LF
$str &= '03=said' & @LF
$str &= '04=asked' & @LF
$str &= '05=left for the day' & @LF
$str &= '06=were fishing' & @LF
$str &= '07=went to' & @LF
$str &= '08=came from' & @LF
$str &= '09=jumped on' & @LF
$str &= '10=jumped off' & @LF
IniWriteSection(@ScriptDir & '\phrase.ini', "Middle", $str)
$str = ''
$str &= '01=a boat' & @LF
$str &= '02=a house' & @LF
$str &= '03=OK' & @LF
$str &= '04=supper' & @LF
$str &= '05=school' & @LF
$str &= '06=church' & @LF
$str &= '07=home' & @LF
$str &= '08=hell' & @LF
$str &= '09=AutoIT' & @LF
$str &= '10=a tack' & @LF
$str &= '11=car' & @LF
IniWriteSection(@ScriptDir & '\phrase.ini', "End", $str)

; loop on a display of random phrases

Local $ret = 1

While $ret = 1
    $ret = MsgBox($mb_okcancel, 'My Random Phrase', _ini('Start') & ' ' & _ini('Middle') & ' ' & _ini('End'))

Func _ini($part)
    Local $aSect = IniReadSection(@ScriptDir & '\phrase.ini', $part)
    If @error = 1 Then
        MsgBox($mb_ok, 'INI Read Section Error', 'Press <ENTER> to exit')
    Return $aSect[Random(1, UBound($aSect, 1) - 1, 1)][1]
EndFunc   ;==>_ini

Note - For anything of significant size (you define significant) you might want to consider an SQLite solution (really not much more code than the above).


edit: corrected EOL for INI population. Changed @CRLF to @LF as extra lines were being generated

Edited by kylomas

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