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Help with MetaTrader4 Multiple Alert Sounds being cut off

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This is my first post and I'm not a coder so please excuse me if this is a rather simplistic question to you but all of this is a little overwhelming at first but I'm trying to get an understanding of it.

The problem I'm having with MT4 alerts is that MetaTrader will cut off the current alert (.wav's) and play the next alert without allowing the first alert to finish playing. I have several alert's set up for different markets and would like to be able to hear the ENTIRE alert before playing the next one. I have recorded my own alerts .wav's for specific situations but I need to hear them in their entirety. As it is currently, most of my alerts are cut off by the next one when the markets are busy so they are not of any value. So I'm wondering would it be best to have AutoIt look for specific text in a MetaTrader folder then have it play a specific .wav file for that text by commanding a media player? Or would it be better to somehow have windows play specific alerts for specific text instead of routing it through a media player? Any thoughts on the best route and mechanics of how to get around this MetaTrader shortcoming would be a big help!

Thank You,


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