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Question about TCPRcv&TCPSend

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Hello, i was exploring the help file and i found this two commands TCPRecv&TCPSend .. and i have a little question:

TCPRecv( mainsocket, maxlen [, flag] )

in the example of this command

$Tcprcv = TCPRecv($ConnectedSocket, 2048)

what that mean the max chars will be received is 2048 ?

is that mean that the lettersnumbers will be maxed 2048 ? like "t2t2t2t2t2t2t2" to 2048 char? or the file size is 2048KB max?

also, can i make this value like 99,999,999 or whatever i want? ?

And for "TCPSend" to send MsgFile, it must be maxedlimited as $Tcprcv or what?.

any help would be appreciated. :)

EDIT: what if i want to send exerar file ?? FileOpen( name, [, mode]) what mode do i need to write the file in receiver?


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You can use FileMode 16 to get the binary format and thereafter write the file in the binary format in the remote computer.

Note : Port Forwarding is necessary if the Computer is out of your router/network.

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i posted a small guide that explain most of your questions

your interest is probably in "Second part" for Server script on TCPRecv comment command and "Forth Part".

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