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GTK+ Framework | Widgets


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GTK+ Framework | Widgets

I'm doing experiment to use GTK+ Widgets on AutoIt3 and seems it sucessfull.
Its cause some user on AutoIt3 forum requesting it.

Well there are I'm using V2 of GTK+ which you can get binary file at http://www.gtk.org



Don't get too happy. Because this far from complete.
As for V3. Maybe I will release if V2 have been completed.

Hah, its anonnying when get failed on implementing some function!

So as far my work only go to:

gtk2.zip (link fixed) or gtk2.zip

There sample file how to use it.

Oh yeah copy AutoIt3 Script to 'bin' folder of package you download from gtk.org

If you interesting to join this project, please let me know. PM or E-Mail me.








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# Button. Progressbar - Graphical AutoIt3 Control (UDF) # GTK on AutoIt3 - GTK+ Framework | Widgets

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