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Simple Notepad Automation not working

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I am new to scripting world.

When i tried tutorial for Simple Notepad Autonation, i face the problem that i does not quit.

It wait for the inputs.

Script is as below


WinWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad")

Send("This is some text.")

WinClose("Untitled - Notepad")

WinWaitActive("Notepad", "Save")

;WinWaitActive("Notepad", "Do you want to save") ; When running under Windows XP


As per example, it should be close without asking "Do you wan to Save"

Thanks in Advance.

Edited by AmolBhosale

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I come to know that there is mistake in 5th line.

Instead of "Save" there should be "&No".

Can u pls send the script which will check current hostname then it will change that hostname from mention file in which it will search for current hostname & then it will copy next cell information for new hostname.

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AmolBhosale, your request is not making much sense. Check the @ComputerName macro in the help file for how you would check current host name. Beyond that, you need to state specifically what you are trying to do so we can help.

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