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I have used AutoIT off and on for a year for some simple scripts. I now have a need to take it to the next level. As I really dont even know where to begin looking for information I am going to give a short explaination of what this script will be doing and if someone can show me where to look to start learning how to do this I would appreciate it.

I have some information that needs to be loaded into two differnt places. One is a website and other is a program. I will need to build a GUI for the operator to enter this data which is mostly numbers. Then the script will need to interface with the website and input the information in, then acess the program and input the inforamation. Writing the script to interface the program is easy enough, but I have never tried to interface with a website, or build a GUI.

Can someone point in the right direction so I can start reading how to interface with websites? The help file on GUI creatin is pretty strait forward.

Thank you.

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