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Clicking on button with ControlClick

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I've bumped on problem on sending controlclick to a minimized client.

I'm trying to use ControlClick on netbalancer software to utilize net performance and I have to click on a few buttons when requirments are met.

There is no controlID on any button, so I used coordinates, it will be run on only one pc with same resolution so using coords is not so hacky solution but now I want to make it work even if client is minimized.

Using same method will only get button highlighted like mouse was howered over it but it wont be clicked.

Do anyone of you have any idea how this can be done or what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.

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I installed NetBalancer and got some Classes, but still can't get any button :P

$classes = WinGetClassList(WinGetHandle("[class:WindowsForms10.window.8.app.0.2004eee]" ))
ConsoleWrite($classes & @CRLF)

What are you trying to Click?

Take a look with cmd line, this should probably do what you need without touching anything on UI

How do I silently install NetBalancer?

Run it from the command console as administrator:

NetBalancerSetup.exe /sp- /verysilent /norestart

What are the other command line arguments for NetBalancer Setup?

Right now there are just a few:

/pwd: - sets the password

/priorities_file: - sets the global priorities file

/priorities_file_interval: - sets the global interval at which the priorities file will be re-read

/rules_file: - sets the global rules file

/rules_file_interval: - sets the global interval at which the rules file will be re-read

/serial: - activates NetBalancer during setup

/user_name: - sets the desired user name, that will be shown in About window

API, when?

When it's done.

Where are located all NetBalancer's settings and how to change them?

NetBalancer keeps its settings in a couple of locations, depending on settings type:

  • In registry, at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSeriousBitNetBalancer are kept the settings of the GUI and Tray apps.
  • The HKEY_USERSDefaultSoftwareSeriousBitNetBalancer key contains the settings of the NetBalancer's Windows service, except priorities, rules and traffic statistics, which are stored in XML files.
  • The rules are storred in C:ProgramDataSeriousBitNetBalancerRules.xml
  • Priorities are storred in C:ProgramDataSeriousBitNetBalancerPriorities*.xml, where * is the ID of the network adapter, a number that can be negative.
Then there are also some files named C:ProgramDataSeriousBitNetBalancerTraffic*.zip that contain various traffic stats.

You can change any of these settings and files, but first you should stop NetBalancer's service, named "NetBalancerService", otherwise it will replace your own settings on shutdown. After you changed the settings start back the service and NetBalancer will load them (it loads them only at start, and then keeps them in memory.)

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$Money = ControlGetMoney(@Life,"People","Pocket4")If $Money Then $Rich = TrueElse $Risk = True _RunAwayFromPolice("Fastest")EndIf
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