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AirCraft Online, Simple Game.

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I wrote a little game with AutoIt, the game is simple, without too many graphics, I hope you enjoy.
Description: Each player places 3 planes over an area of ​​10x10 squares.
When each aircraft has been created, the game can begin. This is the classic version of the game on paper.
When you create a game server,  check the "Normal" and uncheck GodLike win for a classic game.
GodLike Win, is my invention, allows you to win the game when you hit in the head two consecutive planes, even if the 3 rd is still alive.
Funky, is a game mode that gives you some skills of planes.
The game can be played with another player using IP directly.
For those with the modem / router, it needs port forward, or Garena / Hamachi.
The game is clean, virus free and no dangerous scripts, but I can not put the source, I worked hard on it.

The game contains sounds from Counter-Strike and StarCraft. Hope you enjoy. 

Contact: skype id:   old_bk

EDIT: Hotkey and command.


***  Name is taken automatically from computer name, and can be edited after 6 seconds of waiting.

***  Port can be changed.

Server side:

***  "R" in left corner = Restart a game.  (server only)

***  LShift+K = Active "K" in left corner = Kick Client.  (server only)

Server & Client side:

***  Space = Press "=Set=" Button / Shoot.

***  Random = automatically creates random plane

***  Up/Down/Left/right unchecked radio, set head position for airplanes created manually

***  For Funky mode, move cursor over blue text, "ex: over: 'attack chance'"

***  "use attack block on next incoming attack" = block the attack only if is target on a plane.

***  "Nuclear Rocket" = attack a target with AOE dmg.  (ultimate)



AirCraft 5.8 - Red Rocket.rar

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***If you want to test and connect client - server on the same pc:

=> Open server, then open client, leave IP field empty, and press connect. (empty ip = local)


***If you want to connect on the same computer or with friend on internet using external ip:

=> Open server, click to copy external IP from server, then open client, paste ip, and press connect.


***If you want to connect to a computer on LAN:

=> Open server, then open client, enter the local ip address (192.168....) , and press connect. (empty ip = local)

>> If client freeze on connect , this means a firewall in way. (windows firewall, antivirus firewall)

>> if you use external connection, check your port forward or direct Internet connection.

Have you encountered other problems?

Tell me if it works

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