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Help Needed Please on file management.

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  thank you for your time and help.    How can I do the following process:

in a specific foler (let´s say folder name is  Data)  I have a lot of  .mdb  files, and more are created every day.  I need to read the latest one, so, I´m thinking of copying it to always the same file name using the line comand  copy  "file".mdb  myfile.mdb /y     (/y switch is to overwrite without prompting).

"file"  is the last file created on the  Data folder.  How do I know which file is the latest one every time?

More info:

I have, for example,     1515_May27  file as the latest file,   in 2 hours (or any other time), I will have 2020_May27   file,   tomorrow, I will have  1515_May28   4040_May28

so,  today, I need to:

copy 1515_May27.mdb   myfile.mdb /y

in 2hours, I need to

copy 2020_May27.mdb  myfile.mdb /y


copy 1515_May28.mdb  myfile.mdb /y

and later

copy 4040_May28.mdb  myfile.mdb /y


that is,  I will be reading  myfile.mdb all the time, but that will be created by copying from a different source every time, the source will be the latest file created on the Data folder.  How do I know which is the latest file on the folder?

need help with the script pls.

Thx a lot!!

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Thx JohnOne for the answer, but,  could you pls be more specific?  I was reading about the instruction and trying it out, but don´t get what I need.  Is it possible to provide a sample script on how to use the instrucion FileGetTime() and from there, get the file name?

thx again,

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You can doing this way:

#include <FileOperations.au3> by AZJIO


Use _FO_FileSearch to read the folder content and put in into array

Using For ... Next, read the file date using FileGetTime() and compare it with today's date using _DateDiff

Hope you get the idea :)

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