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Command line argument handling (again)

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My old version is >here. This is a complete rewrite, though is mostly backwards compatible.

CmdLine.au3: http://gist.github.com/MattDiesel/5759477

Example (uses _CmdLine_Process for convenience): 

#include "CmdLine.au3"


_CmdLine_Register("hello", "h", $CLF_HASPARAM + $CLF_PARAMOPTIONAL, "Says hello to someone", _
        "This function prints a message that says hello to `WHO`, and then exits.", "WHO", "World", "_Hello")

ConsoleWrite("----" & @LF)
_CmdLine_Process("-h Matt")
ConsoleWrite("----" & @LF)
_CmdLine_Process("--help --hello")

Func _Hello($who)
    ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("Hello, %s!\n", $who))
EndFunc   ;==>_Hello
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