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Better way to send text!!!!!

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Have you ever wrote a script to fill out a long string of data and just sit there and wait for the text to type?

You say decrease the inter character delay. This many times just does not work, characters get skipped, etc, ad nausea with all of the problems I have run into.


The solution:

It just dawned on me that pasting a string into anything is nearly  instantaneous, I guess bill gates knows something we dont.

Use ClipPut() to put your string into the clip board and then instead of using Send("my string of text.......") , use send("^v") and wala, instantaneous form fill!!!!


Enjoy the flavor


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I honestly was waiting for "and if you act now, you can get 2 for the price of 1!"... I'm not entirely sure why that context made me think of that; but anyway...

_IEFormElementSetValue  - in case your filling out this form on a webpage.

Ps. I like strawberry more.  :whistle:

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