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Suggestions for a better solution..

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I need to copy a word from an e-mail in Outlook 2010 and paste it into a textbox/field in another program.
Problem: The program I'm trying to copy the information into doesn't allow information to be pasted (ctrl+v), only manually entered.
My (tidious) idea for a solution:

;so first I copy the first letter of the word in the e-mail that i need and then I run something like this below
If clipget() = "a" then
elseif clipget()= "b" then
elseif clipget()= "c" then
elseif clipget()="d" then

and basically continue with every letter in the alphabet until I've written the whole word.

This can't possibly be the best solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

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You may be able to retrieve the e-mail using the Outlook UDF.

Concerning the destination app, there must be a more reliable way to paste the data.

Have you tried with the Control* functions? Especially the ControlSetText one?

Br, FireFox.


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Wow cudos for fast reply, I was actually just about to delete this thread since things just worked themselves out. Turns out it worked by sending "clipget()" rather than just sending "ctrl+v".

I will definitely check out the Outlook UDF anyway!

Thanks and have a nice one!


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