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set a key to press as a variable

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Hi  ^_^ 
I'm trying to define a key inside a variable but I have no idea what I'm doing. >_< 
can somebody point me at the right direction please.
trying to define

Send("{DEL 4}")




Func breakit()
   $jdi = StringSplit($for, ".")

Func doit()
   if $jdi[0]=0 Then
      $s="{LEFT "
      $d="{DEL "
      $s='"{RIGHT '+2+'}"'
      $d='"{BS '+2+'}"'

as you can see tried some things but nothing works so far. :whistle: thank you

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You should use concatenation, use for concatenation

$key='{DEL' & 4 & '}'

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You are using the wrong operators.

From the helpfile:

Assignment operator

&: Concatenates/joins two strings. e.g. "one" & 10 (equals "one10")

Mathematical operator

+: Adds two numbers. e.g. 10 + 20 (equals 30)


;should be:
$key='"{DEL' & 4 & '}"'


;so the right string is:
$key = "{DEL " & 4 & "}"
Do not hesitate to make some debugging with the MsgBox/ConsoleWrite functions.

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