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Error when I use zip.au3 and console.au3 together in an autoit script

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I get the following error when I use zip.au3 and console.au3 together.  To simulate this error please create a new script in SciTE script editor and include zip.au3 and console.au3 and then run it (just two include lines are sufficient to simulate).  You will get two pop up messages.

Here are the error messages:

First Popup message:

AutoIt Error: 

Line 456 (File "C:Program Files (z86)|AutoIt3Includezip.au3:):


Error:  Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

Second popup message:

Line 455 (File "C:Program Files (z86)|AutoIt3IncludeConsole.au3:):

If $_Amount_Startup_COnsole Then If^Error

Error:  Variable used without being declared.

I have attached the zip.au3 and console.au3..although they are available for download.



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The problem is that both scripts wants to use $CmdLine. Comment out line 12 - 14 in Zip.au3 to get rid of the error.

The only UDFs you can expect will work together without small problems are the UDFs that belong to the official installation.

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