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Power Calculator

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Hello. I want to introduce you a SIMPLE calculator made in AutoIt.


  • 3 modes: Basic, Scientific, Statistic
  • Win7 calculator look
  • Name from Big Bang Theory (episode 4x12) - The Suprisingly Helpful Equation-Linked Differential Optimized Numerator (The SHELDON)


Here are some screenshots:


Basic mode


Scientific mode


Statistic mode


Now you can download it from my website: http://scintilla4evr.aq.pl/powercalculator (source will be added later)

Power Calculator.zip (see changes below)

Power Calculator.zip

There are some errors in first code, so I give you corrected one. Error:

When you write formula like this:

98 / pi ( )

it returns !error. Now it'll return 31.1943688460115.

Also added "Put in clipboard" button.

TODO: Skins

Edited by scintilla4evr

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Here is a 1.51 version of Power Calculator.


New features:

  • Darker UI
  • Area (inverse hyperbolic) functions
  • VisualElementsManifest.xml for Windows 8.1 custom Start screen application tile



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I can't keep this open long enough to do anything with it.

Win XP,

It crashes after I release mouse left, not on press.

Any ideas?


Don't know. I tested it only on Windows 7 (Home Premium and Enterprise, x86) and on Windows 8.1 (Enterprise, x86), AutoIt

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