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Read content from an AFX control

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Hello, is there a way to get the content of an AFX tool bar?

Here is the control information.  I believe others suggest using ControlGetHandle

This >post illustrates how to deal with list view.  I am trying to do the same thing for this tool bar.  It looks exactly like the status bar.

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: Afx:400000:8:10003:10:0
Instance: 1
ClassnameNN: Afx:400000:8:10003:10:01
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Afx:400000:8:10003:10:0; INSTANCE:1]
ID: 59393

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The handle is used to reference the control.  In the example you cite they are using a specific UDF for listviews to get the item count by referring to the control by its handle.  I don't know what kind of control it is and it would also be helpful if you could post some code but you might take a look at:  GUICtrlRead ( controlID [, advanced] ).

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