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ClipGet Skips Second Line

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; filename to read
$file_to_read = "C:\testing\source.txt"
; open file to read and store the handle
$handle_read = FileOpen($file_to_read, 0)
; check the handle is valid
If $handle_read = -1 Then
    ; show warning and exit with code 1
    MsgBox(0, @ScriptName, 'failed to open handle to read the file')
   Exit 1

; loop through each line of the file
While 1
    ; read each line from a file
    $line_read = FileReadLine($handle_read)
    ; exit the loop if end of file
    If @error = -1 Then
    ; Checks if 7007 is open and sends clipboard.   
    If WinExists("SC7007_01") Then
    WinActivate ("SC7007_01")
    WinWaitActive ("SC7007_01")
    ControlSend("SC7007_01", "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "33")
    ControlSend("SC7007_01", "", "[CLASS:ThunderRT6TextBox; INSTANCE:3]", ClipGet() )
    Send ("{ENTER}")
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "LPScala 7007 is not running")
    Exit 3

Func End()
MsgBox(0, "End", "Move to next step")
Exit 4

; close the file handle for read
; close the file handle for write


The script should read up to 4 lines from a text file, then paste the output in to an application. However, it always seems to skip line 2 with the below code. But it doesn't skip the line if use ClipGet with MsgBox instead of the application. I've no idea what I'm doing wrong? I tried adding a few sleep commands to make sure it had enough time but that didn't work..

Any help is appreciated.


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why r you using clipGet and Clipput when you have a variable with the value already stored in it??

ControlSend("SC7007_01", "", "[CLASS:ThunderRT6TextBox; INSTANCE:3]", $line_read )


add a msgbox before you send the info to make sure you have the correct output.

it could be that the app you r using is blocking the input cuz it has characters it does not accept.

Edited by Kidney

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I'll try that thanks, although I would still expect ClipGet to give the same answer.

Its not being rejected, its always a 12 digit number, ive re-arranged numbers in the file andnit only skips the second line.

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This can be closed now. I managed to get this working using ControlFocus. I also took the advice of Kidney to clean up the code. Thanks everyone.

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