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Using ImageSearchDLL in VB6

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I try to use the ImageSearchDLL.dll in VisualBasic 6, but only get garbage back instead of the coordinates.

Here is what I do:

Public Declare Function ImageSearch Lib "C:\Windows\system32\ImageSearchDLL.dll" _
(ByVal x1 As Integer, ByVal y1 As Integer, ByVal right As Integer, ByVal bottom As Integer, ByVal findImage As String) As String

Call test

Sub test()

Dim result As String

 result = ImageSearch(0, 0, 0, 0, "C:\test.bmp")

 Debug.Print result

End Sub


0   1|%d|%d|%d|%d         à?E´ ä³ ä³ e+000          À~PA   €ÿÿGAIsProcessorFeaturePresent   KERNEL32    1#QNAN  1#INF   1#IND   1#SNAN  H                                                             P   RSDS!›Î1äÉ÷D‡D4Š­/^   c:\imagesearchdll\release\ImageSearchDLL.pdb            `D  X}  ¥                      þÿÿÿ    Ôÿÿÿ    þÿÿÿ    Û%     þÿÿÿ    Ôÿÿÿ    ... etc.

If I use it with AutoIt, it works. is the DLL incompatible with VB6 or do I something wrong?


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