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Best Way For GUI Input of A Time Interval

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I note when I do

GUICtrlCreateDate("", 200, 10, 185, 20) 
$style = "MM/dd/yyyy    HH:mm:s"
GUICtrlSendMsg($r1date, $DTM_SETFORMAT_, 0, $style)

I get a neat date selector and if a user puts the focus on the seconds part of the entry fields they can toggle seconds up or down in a way that's has integrity for seconds, same with minutes etc...

What I want to do is have a similar GUI input field for time but not for a specific date but only for a time interval? Like a GUI time picker that just represents eg. 4hr 12 min 03 secs as a discrete time value that I can use and not a point in time on a calender?  Else I could just have simple input field and just enforce a time format, but I thought there might be a way to have a time input for a user with the advantages of the date input.


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Try this...

#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

local $gui010   =   guicreate('Day - Time Interval',300,100)
local $inp010   =   guictrlcreateinput('00',20,30,40,20)
local $ud0010   =   GUICtrlCreateUpdown($inp010)
local $inp020   =   guictrlcreateinput('00',80,30,40,20)
local $ud0020   =   GUICtrlCreateUpdown($inp020)
local $inp030   =   guictrlcreateinput('00',140,30,40,20)
local $ud0030   =   GUICtrlCreateUpdown($inp030)
local $inp040   =   guictrlcreateinput('00',200,30,40,20)
local $ud0040   =   GUICtrlCreateUpdown($inp040)
local $status   =   guictrlcreatelabel('',20,70,260,30,$ss_center)

while 1
    switch guigetmsg()
        case $gui_event_close
        case $inp010, $inp020, $inp030, $inp040
            guictrlsetdata($status,stringformat(' %02i %02i:%02i:%02i', _
                guictrlread($inp010), _
                guictrlread($inp020), _
                guictrlread($inp030), _

See Help file for ways to control the UP/Down controls.


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I thought there might be a special widget to do this...but it's simple.

This forum is so helpful - posters are generous with their time and knowledge!

Thank you for posting the code.

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