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Help with frames per second

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Hi guys! Just a little question. I need to calculate the frames per second for a GDI animation. I made a little script, at least I have the seconds per frame, but I don't know how continue:
Global $iTimerNewFrame = 0, $iTimerLastFrame = 0, $iTimerDiff = 0

Global $iTimer = _Timer_Init()

while 1
$iTimerNewFrame = _Timer_Diff($iTimer)
$iTimerDiff = Round(($iTimerNewFrame - $iTimerLastFrame) / 1000, 2) ;This returns the difference(seconds per frame)
$iTimerLastFrame = $iTimerNewFrame

This works perfect, now I must with that value calculate the frames per second, but I'm really lost and when I look in google I find solutions in C++, and I still don't know anything about C++. 

Of course, when I use round sometimes I loss some values, so if there is another way to delete all the numbers that returns _Timer_Diff. I was thinking about using @MSEC, but I don't really like macros, I'm not sure about them.

Codes codes codes.

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Not sure just where you are going with that...

But here is some great work from two pros!

'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

and later...

'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

These get into DLL calls with frames per second and etc.

; monoceres, Prog@ndy
Func _CreateAvi($sFilename, $FrameRate, $Width, $Height, $BitCount=24)
    Local $RetArr[5] ; avi file handle, stream handle, bitmap count, BitmapInfoheader, Stride
    Local $ret, $pfile, $asi, $pstream
    $ret = DllCall($Avi32_Dll, "int", "AVIFileOpenW", "ptr*", 0, "wstr", $sFilename, "uint", $OF_CREATE, "ptr", 0)
    $pfile = $ret[1]
    $asi = DllStructCreate($AVISTREAMINFO)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "fccType", $streamtypeVIDEO)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "fccHandler", $mmioFOURCC_M_S_V_C)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "dwScale", 1)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "dwRate", $FrameRate)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "dwQuality", 10000)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "rright", $Width)
    DllStructSetData($asi, "rbottom", $Height)
    $ret = DllCall($Avi32_Dll, "int", "AVIFileCreateStream", "ptr", $pfile, "ptr*", 0, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($asi))
    $pstream = $ret[2]
    Local $stride = BitAND(($Width * ($BitCount / 8) + 3) ,BitNOT(3))
    Local $bi = DllStructCreate($BITMAPINFOHEADER)
    ; The format for the stream is the same as BITMAPINFOHEADER
    $ret = DllCall($Avi32_Dll, "int", "AVIStreamSetFormat", "ptr", $pstream, "long", 0, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($bi), "long", DllStructGetSize($bi))
    $RetArr[0] = $pfile
    $RetArr[1] = $pstream
    $RetArr[3]= $bi
    $RetArr[4]= $stride
    Return $RetArr


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